Hi!! Welcome to Wonderful WILLOWS.

The Spring Term has brought us lots of surprises!!


Wait, first let’s look back. The children have worked so, so hard and we are very, very proud of them. They have worked very hard last term for the Christmas Show, in their Maths, finishing the addition and subtraction unit, in English writing poems and stories. Also, understanding relationships and learning how important it is to talk to adults about their problems, how important sleep is and lots of Science. In PE, they have worked collaboratively, and enjoyed Boogie Bounce on trampettes.


So the Spring Term, is full of new learning and adventures. We are now going swimming every Thursday at Cheadle Baths. The children need fitted trunks or a full swimming costume with a towel and a swimming hat for anyone with long hair. Children will be challenged to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a certain distance.

We are looking forward to learning lots 



We have started our English learning with New Year Poems, and we are at present, studing the traditional story about Romulus and Remus and how Rome was built. We have retold the story and are enjoying using Drama DEAL to understand how the characters may have felt. We will write a playscript and finialise with a drama that we will film and share with the school (hopefully).

After that we will be looking at instructions and using the book ‘So you want to be a Roman’. Have a look at the following link to find out more:



Or you could learn to draw a Roman soldier just for fun!



We have started multiplication and division in Maths and if you would like to do any additional learning, please use the links below:



https://login.mathletics.com (Please check your child’s home schoolbook for log-in information)

Check your child’s maths levels by calling school between 9am-and 3pm.


In Art, we have made Chinese Dragon Masks, lanterns and suncatchers to commemorate Chinese New Year. We have had the opportunity to manipulate clay to make different basic shapes and made simple impressions to make a pattern or symbol.


Our topic for the term is Romans and we will be looking at how and why the Romans conquered Britain. We will be exploring maps, artefacts, paintings, buildings and other different historical sources.

We have already visited Grosvenor Museum and met a Roman Soldier who taught s about all sorts of battle tactics. He was pretty awesome and told us how the Romans conquered and the different clothes, armour and daggers they wore.