Hi!! Welcome to Wonderful WILLOWS.

I am Ms Poonia, Willow’s teacher and I have the privilege of working with two lovely ladies, Mrs Breckwoldt and Mrs Mullin.  Mrs Breckwoldt is Willow’s wonderful teaching assistant and incredible Mrs Mullin covers lessons on a Friday.   We are looking forward to an amazing Autumn Term and a great start to our learning journey.

Firstly, a polite reminder about school uniform because wearing a uniform encourages a sense of belonging, equality, and identity.  Our uniform is an Oakgrove Yellow Sweatshirt, black trousers or a skirt, a white polo shirt and black school shoes. The PE kit is a plain white T-shirt and black shorts or joggers. Long hair must be tied back, and any piercings must be removed. Trainers can be worn for outdoor PE lessons or running.

On a Friday morning, we plan to take part in outdoor learning, Forest School so children will need wellington boots, comfortable old clothes (that will get very dirty) and warm gloves and a hat, if the weather is cold.  Outdoor learning encourages team building skills and resilience. It will offer the opportunity for children to take risks in a supported environment and become independent creative learners.

I would also like to stress the importance of a good sleep; the lack of sleep can impact a child’s learning.  All children need 10 to 11 hours of sleep, and we will be looking at developing healthy sleeping patterns in PSHE. The most common disruption of a child’s sleep is a TV or Computer in their room. Try to keep them out of your child’s bedroom.

3 R’s – Respect, Resilience & Responsibilty

As well as learning core and foundation subjects, there are the 3R’s we aspire and encourage the children to embed as transferable skills not only through school but within their homes and the community. Each week we focus on one ‘R’ and teach children how they can be respectful, resilient and responsible. Then, they earn a certificate for showing outstanding respect for others, resilience towards their learning or responsibilty within their learning or towards others.

We hope that the term brings new learning, new experiences and lot of fun on the way.



We have started the term with finding out all about ourselves through poetry and PSHE; Be Yourself.  Thereafter we will be studying books by Peter Reynolds, ‘The Dot’ and ‘Ish.’ The books will lead us into discussions about a story’s structure, a character’s resilience, and growth mindset. The children will be making predictions about the text, they will be writing character descriptions and creating their own characters. All of this will lead up to children planning, editing, and redrafting their own short story.

Our class novel and Guided Reading lessons will be led by a book written by Roald Dahl, ‘The Boy.


To develop a love of reading we encourage children to read at home to their adult; you can discuss, predict, and enjoy reading together.  Remember it is not about reading loads but spending time with your child, asking questions, and talking about what is happening in the book. There is also a school initiative of earning prizes through a termly raffle if a child has read 4 times a week.


During the Autumn term, in Maths we will foucs on Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Area and Multiplication and Division. The school uses the White Rose Maths scheme to teach Maths, parents can access this website. The website has a parents’ home learning section and there are free resources for you to explore. Their numerous videos will help your child to secure new knowledge and understanding. Ask your teacher about your child’s levels so that you can follow the right videos.



Our science topic this term is ‘Survival of the Fittest’, the unit is about ‘Animals including Humans’. We will be describing the changes as humans develop to old age. Children will draw timelines to indicate stages in growth and development of humans. They will learn about the changes experienced in puberty as well as covering the following:

  • Life processes of reproduction in some plants and animals.
  • The difference in the life cycles of a mammal, amphibian, insect and bird.
  • Work Scientifically


Art and Design

This year Willows are exploring artists who tell stories through imagery. They will respond to the work of illustrators who tell stories through imagery by working in their sketchbooks. In the sketchbooks children will record their thoughts and ideas. They will use line, shape and colour using a variety of materials to test their ideas, and then create a finished piece. 


In Geography, we started the term with a mini topic, ‘Where we live’. We learnt about the regions of England and where the children live. We described the difference between physical and human geography. The children enjoyed exploring the use of land through Google Earth.

In October, we will be learning about Black History particularly, heroes that have excelled in medicine, see the following website for more details@