Hi!! Welcome to Wonderful WILLOWS.

Hello and welcome to Willows!!

The Summer Term has started with a bump!!  However, Willows have worked amazingly in SATS and shown great resilience.

We have started a new Topic, Our Local Area which looks at the eight points of a compass, (we will be attempting to make our own compasses), four and six-figure grid references, symbols and keys (including the use of Ordnance Survey maps) that will build their knowledge of the United Kingdom and the wider world.  We will use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies.  Lastly, we will locate the world’s countries, using maps to focus on Europe, and their major cities.



In Literacy, we will be looking at a number of books starting with ‘The Street Beneath my Feet’, please see the link below for the story.


The double-sided book is about the fascinating journey deep underground. The underground pictures include tunnels, layers of rock, and lots of others. It folds out to 2.5 metres which adds a fascination and builds curiosity as children come away to ask a number of questions and create a need to explore the Earth’s core.

If you dug a deep, deep hole, what do you think you would find?


Within Maths, we will be looking at Money & Decimals, which includes Area, Statistics and Position and Direction. Don’t forget children can access the Mathletics website, which I will be refreshing and updating the levels. Please see home school books for login details



In Art, we will be looking at Monotypes and the artist Kevork Mourad and creating our own prints before the end of the term.  In DT we are looking at structures, and will be testing how well different shaped structures perform under load and think about how they can be made even stronger.


PSHE is an equally important subject as English and Maths; it is taught weekly, in Willows. Why is it so important? It is a chance for every child to have an equal opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to thrive now and in the future.  This includes helping them to deal with daily issues such as friendships, emotional well-being and change.  We discuss our three ‘R’s’ (Respect, Responsibility and Resilience) weekly and in assemblies but these are also embedded in all out subjects. 

I also want to add that Willows were absolutely fantastic during the Ghyllhead Trip; they showed resilience and determination. The activities were unfamiliar and very new but they listened and took part in everything; I was blown away with their courage, willpower and teamwork.

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