Hi!! Welcome to Wonderful WILLOWS.

Hello and welcome to Willows, a mixture of Year 5 and Year 6, led by a wonderful team of Mrs Loynd and Mrs Mosayebi with Ms Poonia as the class teacher.

We have started the Autumn term with lots of lessons to help us feel safe and a sense of belonging.  In PSHE, we have learnt about the importance of rules and routine and how we can become responsible citizens of the school and respect others. We have celebrated our individuality and explored how important it is to make sure we develop a positive self image so that we can feel confident and comfortable in the classroom.



In English, we have looked at a book called ‘What the Elephant Heard,’ which is about an elephant’s journey in search of a water hole. The matriach tells of all the sounds of the savannah and how the landscape has changed over the years.  We made a fact file and read the book, discussing the changes an elephant goes through and how resilient an elephant can be. We have looked at poetry and wrote diamond poems about animals in the rainforest. We have had so much fun experimenting with onomatopoeia!  Our new books are ‘Saving Sorya,’ and ‘There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom,’ they are around our Rainforest theme and we will be looking at basic grammar and extending noun phrases as well as much more.  In Guided Reading, we are looking at ‘Diary of the Wimpy Kid’ and ‘Me and My Fears’.


As a school, we follow the White Rose Maths scheme and are all looking at place value, at the moment; we will introducing addition and subtraction soon. Please explore the website as parents can access some free resources for their children, https://whiteroseeducation.com/parent-pupil-resources/maths/free-downloads   The children also have access to Mathletics, the log in details are in their homeschool books. We have Mathelerics every Thursday, www.mathletics.com/uk.

In Science, we are learning about living things and their habitats – we will be finding out about different types of reproduction, including sexual and asexual reproduction in plants, and sexual reproduction in animals. We will be working scientifically and comparing the life cycles of plants and animals in our local environment.


In Geography, we are looking at Rainforests. We will be finding out where they are, what they look like and which animals and people live there. Why don’t you give your child a head start by exploring the following websites:





We have PE every Monday so please ensure that your child has a full PE kit with black trainers. In PE this term, we are developing our OAA orienteering skills.  On Tuesdays, we have a boogie bounce session and they will need their PE kits as well.

On every other Friday, we have an independent write lesson where children show how much they have levelled up. We also have Forest schools every fortnight on a Friday.


In Art, we have started some sensory and observational drawings and will be looking at ‘Storytelling through drawing,’ where we will use text within our drawings to add meaning and use line, shape, colour and composition to develop evocative and characterful imagery.

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