Welcome to Sycamores. There are 2 members of staff in Sycamores this year. Miss Harrison is the class teacher and Mrs Bastovanowich is the Teaching Assistant.

We are a class of 8 – Year 4 and Year 5 children.

Our first topic for the Summer term is a history-based topic, “The Ancient Greeks”. This topic is an opportunity for us to get to know all about what life was like in Ancient Greece and the legacy they have left behind.

During this topic we will be finding out about Greek food, games, leisure time houses, clothes, Gods and Goddesses amongst other things.




In English we will be reading some different Greek Myths and we will be writing our own. 


In Maths we will covering fractions. We will be doing weekly sessions on Mathletics which the children can access at home if they wish to earn more points and work hard towards earning new certificates.

In Art we will be looking at Ancient Greek art and in particular, mosaics, Greek vases and pottery.

In PE we are learning about striking and fielding games every Wednesday. On a Thursday we will be doing some outdoor learning within the school grounds.


Every Friday we will be taking part in Music sessions in the hall with Mr Flase who will be teaching us about rhythm, duration, tempo and how to begin to understand musical notation. And of course we will be singing our hearts out!

Another busy term to look forward to with plenty of interesting learning challenges and opportunities to work together as a team.



In Science we will be learning about the human digestive system and describing the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans. In addition to this, we will be learning the names and functions of the different teeth.

In DT we will be doing some food design and making and sampling food that may be eaten at a Greek banquet.