There are two members of staff in Oaks this year. Miss Harrison the class teacher and Miss Darlington is the Teaching Assistant.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

This term will see the start of some new learning in Oaks, plus a new member of our class, making us a class of Year 5 & 6.


We will link our English work to explorers and we will be reading some fiction books about exploration. We will be writing letters to the ones that are left behind and diary entries about our journeys and findings, and recording our thoughts and feelings along the way.

In Maths we will start looking at shapes, then we will move on to fractions. The children need to keep practising their times tables because this will help when it comes to fractions. All the children have their own log in and password for Mathletics, so it would be brilliant if they could be encouraged to go on it at home:


In Art, our focus will be “Mixed Media Land and City Scapes”. We will learn that artists use a variety of media often combining it in inventive ways, to capture the energy and spirit of land or city scapes. We will have a go at producing some of our land and city scapes based on what we have experimented with.

We have P.E every Monday so please ensure that your child has a full P.E kit with trainers. In P.E this term, we are developing our gymnastic skills. On Tuesdays, we have a Boogie Bounce session and they will need their P.E kits as well. On Thursdays we will be going swimming so kits are needed.

We will be continuing our music lessons with Mr Flase on a Wednesday, where we will begin to write our own rhythms and music scores.

A lot of our History work will involve learning about certain explorers, why they explored and how they did it. We will be comparing and contrasting early explorers with explorers of the modern age.


Our topic for this term is “What is an Explorer”. We will be comparing and contrasting the explorations of people from the 13th Century and the 20th.

We’ve got a lot of learning to look forward to and we will have fun whilst we are learning

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