Hello and welcome to wonderful Oaks! At the moment we have the lovely Mrs Edohasim and Mrs Loynd teaching in Oaks.

The Summer Term has started with a bump!! SATS. 

However, Oaks have worked amazingly in SATS and have shown great resilience.



IIn English, we are looking at a book that has a selection of poems about transitions – Everything All at Once by Steven Camden. It is a beautiful collection of poems about the highs and lows of one week in a secondary school, where everything happens all at once. The winner of the CLiPPA poetry award.

In Everything All At Once, Steven Camden’s poems speak to the medley of teen experience and life at secondary school. Below is an example.

All together. Same Place

Same Walls. Same space

Every emotion

under the sun

Faith lost. Victories won

It doesn’t stop. Until the bell

Now it’s heaven

Now it’s hell

Who knows?

Not me

I just wrote what I can see

So what’s it about? Here’s my response

It’s about everything

All at once.

Within Maths, we will bel looking at converting unit position and direction. Don’t forget children can assess the Mathletics website at home. www.login.mathletics.com

We have started a new Topic, Our Local Area which looks at the eight points of a compass, (we will be attempting to make our own compassess), four and six figure grid references, symbols and keys (including the use of Ordnance Survey maps) that will build our knowledge of the United Kingdom and the wider world. We will use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area using a range of methods, including sketch maps, plans and graphs, and digital technologies. Lastly, we will locate the world’s countries, using maps to focus on Europe, and their major cities.

During the last weeks of Summer term we will be looking at Transition in PSHE and how we deal with change.

We would like to add that Oaks were absolutely amazing at Ghyllhead. They showed great team work and resilience. It was a pleasure to see them being a fabulous class and helping each other.

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