The Oakgrove Home School Agreement

Our Home School Agreement binds teachers, parents and pupils to unite in working together to help achieve and surpass targets. It lays out exactly what is expected of you, your child and your teacher, and the responsibilities of each in order to succeed.

School will:
  • Complete the home – school book daily
  • Provide quality teaching and therefore quality learning opportunities
  • Set clear individual targets for learning and behaviour
  • Keep families informed of progress and achievement in a variety of ways
  • Set homework / reading tasks where appropriate
  • Provide support, ideas and access to expertise for families where appropriate
  • Provide an open and welcoming environment for families
  • Make at least one home visit a year
  • Keep all pupils safe and able to learn, using positive handling strategies when necessary
Parents / Carers will:
  • Encourage their child to achieve full attendance, informing the school about any absences
  • To read and sign the home – school book daily, making sure that it is brought to school
  • Inform school of any changes likely to affect their child in school
  • Notify school of any changes regarding their child’s medical condition.
  • Attend all reviews
  • Attend school events and meetings when possible
  • Ensure that their child wears named school uniform each day
  • Support school with homework / reading tasks when set
  • Make sure that a named adult is at home to receive their child from school transport
  • Notify the school of any changes to contact details, e.g. telephone numbers
  • Support the school in its use of positive handling strategies
Pupils will:
  • Take care of themselves by being in the right place at the right time, wearing school uniform
  • Take care of others by being polite to everyone in school
  • Take care of the school by being careful with equipment and helping to keep things clean and tidy
  • Take care of their work by trying their best at all times
  • Take their home – school book home every day
  • Accept the use of positive handling strategies
  • Not share their electronic device (if applicable) with anyone on the journey to and from school.
  • Not use their device to take photographs or video images.
  • Not use their device to make contact with school staff.
  • Hand in their device on arrival in school.

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